Worship at All Saints, Little Canfield

Over the course of a month, the worship at Takeley and Little Canfield alternates between a communion service and a non-Eucharistic service of the Word.

At Takeley, we use service booklets with modern liturgy. They offer a great deal of flexibility and variety, and ensure that our worship always feels fresh. At Little Canfield, we use a data projector, ensuring an easy-to-follow service, where everyone is always looking up, and in the same direction!

The communion service is led by a robed priest, and usually happens on the second and fourth Sunday of the month. The sermon may be given by a priest, or by our licensed lay minister.

The services of the Word are lay-led, usually by our authorised licenced lay-minister. The focus of this service is how God speaks to us through Jesus Christ, as witnessed to in the scriptures.